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Englisg Abstract

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2020(Vol.93) 1
p.3 - 9
Performance and Material Characteristics of 30 years Use Laminated Rubber Bearings for Seismic Isolation of BuildingsNobuo MASAKISeismic Isolation Building, Rubber Bearing, Aging, Horizontal Stiffness, Vertical Stiffness, Creep
2020(Vol.93) 1
p.10 - 16
Lecture Course of Soft Matter Physics for Rubber Engineers
Chapter 1: Elastic Deformation of Rubber
Masao DOIHyper-Elastic Materials, Free Energy of Deformation, Entropic Elasticity of Polymer, Connected Balloons
2020(Vol.93) 1
p.17 - 20
Interface and Adhesion of Composite
1. Toughening of Particle-Filled Epoxy Composite
Yoshinobu NAKAMURA
Tomoyasu HIRAI
Composite, Filler, Interface, Mechanical strength, Fracture toughness