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2018(Vol.91) 1
p.3 - 8
A study of Image Classification Based on Deep Learning for Filler Morphologies in Rubber MaterialsKatsumi HAGITA
Takuo SONE
Image Classification, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Filler Morphologies, Rubber Materials, SPring-8, Ultra Small Angle X-ray Scattering, Reverse Monte Carlo Method
2018(Vol.91) 1
p.9 - 12
Adhesion of Steel Cord to Rubber (4)
−Effects of Resin Condensates on Adhesion Degradation−
Yasuhiro ISHIKAWARF Resin Condensate, Hexamethoxymethylmelamine, One-component Resin, Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, Dezincification
2018(Vol.91) 1
p.13 - 20
The pursuit of Safety in Manufacture
Part IV Countermeasures of Degradation for Rubbers and Plastics Learned from Material Recycling and Trap of Biofuel
(I Material Recycling)
Yoshito OHTAKERecycle, Antioxidant, ESR
2018(Vol.91) 2
p.33 - 40
Application of Piezoelectric Rubber to the Rolling StockShogo MAMADAPiezoelectric Materials, Piezoelectric Rubber, Mixing-type, Particle Alignment, Aligned-type, Door-end, Axle Bearings, Sensor
2018(Vol.91) 2
p.41 - 48
Development of Stretchable Strain Sensor SystemHideo OTAKAStretch, Elastic, Sensor, Capacitive, Motion, Respiration, Swallowing, Interface
2018(Vol.91) 2
p.49 - 54
Elastic Cellulose Derivatives for Novel Mechanical Stress SensingSeiichi FURUMI
Masashi FUKAWA
Cellulose, Cholesteric Liquid Crystals, Bragg Reflection, Elasticity, Mechanical Stress
2018(Vol.91) 2
p.55 - 59
New Super-haptic Sensor and New Intelligent Material Utilizing Electrolytic Polymerization on Natural RubberKunio SHIMADANatural Rubber, Sensor, Electrolytic Polymerization, Piezo Effect, Photovoltaic Effect
2018(Vol.91) 3
p.78 - 85
Strain-Induced Crystallization and Mechanical Properties of Rubber.
3. Strain-Induced Crystallization under Static and Dynamic Condition
Shigeyuki TOKI,Ph. DCrystallization, Mechanical Properties, Rubber
2018(Vol.91) 3
p.86 - 92
The Pursuit of Safety in Manufacture
Part IV Countermeasure of Degradation for Rubbers and Plastics Learned for Material Recycling and Trap of Biofuel(II Biofuel)
Yoshito OHTAKERecycle, BDF, Ethanol, ETBE, SP
2018(Vol.91) 3
p.93 - 98
Adhesion of Steel Cord to Rubber (5)
−Durability of Tire Belt −
Yasuhiro ISHIKAWATread Separation, Oxygen Impermeability, Halobutyl Rubber, Innerliner Compound
2018(Vol.91) 4
p.109 - 114
Degradation of Natural Rubber and Deproteinized Natural RubberYoshimasa YAMAMOTO
Siti Nadiah Binti NORULHUDA
Takayuki SAITO
Yoshito OHTAKE
Degradation, NMR, Natural Rubber, Deproteinized Natural Rubber, Nanomatrix Structure, Protein
2018(Vol.91) 4
p.115 - 120
EPDM Developments for Automotive Sealing Applications via Advanced Molecular Catalyst (AMC) TechnologyIsao HATTORI
EPDM, Catalyst, Molecular Structure, Long Chain Branching, Molecular Weight Distribution, Extrusion Processability, Automotive Sealing
2018(Vol.91) 4
p.123 - 128
The pursuit of Safety in Manufacture
Part V The Influence of Global Warming on Rubbers and Plastics
(I Influence of UV irradition, Heating and Moisture on Degradation of Polymers)
Yoshito OHTAKEDegradation, Weathering Test, Ozone, Carbonyl Index
2018(Vol.91) 4
p.129 - 134
Strain-Induced Crystallization and Mechanical Properties of Rubber.
4. Crystal and Crystallites Structure
Shigeyuki TOKI,Ph. DCrystallization, Mechanical Properties, Rubber
2018(Vol.91) 5
p.143 - 150
Structure and Properties of Natural RubberSeiichi KAWAHARANatural Rubber, Nanomatrix Structure, Proteins, Phospholipids, Viscoelastic Properties
2018(Vol.91) 5
p.151 - 155
Production of Natural Rubber and BiotechnologyNorie WATANABENatural Rubber, Hevea Brasiliensis, Biotechnology, Biosynthesis, Genome, DNA Marker, SALB, White Root Disease
2018(Vol.91) 5
p.156 - 160
Epoxidized Natural Rubber and Highly Purified Natural RubberToshiaki SAKAKIEpoxidized Natural Rubber, Highly Purified Natural Rubber, Hevea Brasiliensis
2018(Vol.91) 5
p.161 - 168
Bioimaging of the Lactiferous Cells in Rubber Production PlantsYoshihisa NAKAZAWABioimaging, Lactiferous Cells, Hevea, Eucommia.
2018(Vol.91) 5
p.169 - 175
Guayule Natural Rubber and Dandelion Natural RubberPreeyanuch JUNKONG
Guayule Natural Rubber, Dandelion Natural Rubber, Alternative Natural Rubber, Strain-induced Crystallization, Non-rubber Components
2018(Vol.91) 6
p.177 - 184
Breaking Behavior of Elastomer in Rubber Mixers (2)
Possibility of Formation of Rheological Unit on a Two-Roll Mill and Rubber Powders Produced by Dynamic Vulcanization in Various Mixers
Michiharu TOH
Mixing, Roll Mill, Mixer, Breaking, Failure, Rheological Unit, Rubber Powder, Dynamic Vulcanization
2018(Vol.91) 6
p.185 - 191
Physical Aspects for Elastic-Viscous Transition and Velocity Jump near Glass Transition Region in Fracture of Rubbers;
(the first half) Detailed Aspects of the Elastic-viscous Transition Phenomenon Accompanied with Stick-slip Motion and Velocity Jump
Yoshihide FUKAHORI
Cross-linked Rubber, Fracture Behavior of Rubber, Elastic-viscous Transition, Strain Energy Release Rate, Stick-slip Motion, Fracture Surface Roughness, Glass-transition Velocity
2018(Vol.91) 6
p.192 - 198
The Pursuit of Safety in Manufacture
Part V The Influence of Global Warming on Rubbers and Plastics
(II Infulence of Short Wavelength Ultraviolet Rediation on Ozone Genaration and Influence of Ozone on Vulcanized Rubber)
Yoshito OHTAKEOzone, Degradation, HNBR, Wax
2018(Vol.91) 6
p.199 - 206
Commentary on Flory’s Theory on Strain-induced CrystallizationMasatoshi TOSAKAEntropy, Free Energy, Gaussian Chains, End-to-End Distance, Equilibrium Melting Temperature