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Englisg Abstract
Englisg Abstract

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Year(Vol.) No.
Title Author(s) Keywords
2022(Vol.95) 1
p.3 - 7
Synthesis and Properties of Polyurethane Crosslinked by Polyrotaxane Consisting of MonoaminocyclodextrinJuae LIM
Polyurethane, Polyrotaxane, Crosslink, Click Reaction
2022(Vol.95) 1
p.8 - 12
Wettability and Friction Property of Rubber Sheet Transferred from Porous Plating with Microstructural SurfaceChisa FUKUDA
Kiyoshi SUNADA
Koichi OZAKI
Surface Morphology, Transcription, Porous Plating, Wettability, Friction Property
2022(Vol.95) 1
p.13 - 16
A Finding of Rubber-Degrading Fungi and Feedstock Recycle of Vulcanized Rubber by the Fungal BehaviorShin SATOWood Rotting Fungi, Vulcanized Rubber, Biodegradation, Feedstock Recycle
2022(Vol.95) 1
p.17 - 22
Analysis of Structure of Filled Rubber Vulcanizates by Cooperation of a Synchrotron Radiation Experiment and a Large-Scale Simulation
3. Simultaneous Measurement Experiments of ss Curve and Ultra-Small Angle X-ray Scattering of Synchrotron Radiation
Tetsuo TOMINAGAPolymer Materials, End-modified Styrene Butadiene Rubber, Synchrotron Radiation, SPring-8, Ultra- small Angle X-ray Scattering, Stress Strain Curve, Reverse Monte Carlo Method
2022(Vol.95) 2
p.31 - 33
Introduction of Ultra High-Throughput Design and Prototyping Technology for Ultra Advanced Materials Development ProjectTatsuaki ATAKAComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Materials Informatics (MI) , Innovative Process, Advanced Characterization, Advanced Functional Materials
2022(Vol.95) 2
p.34 - 39
High-throughput Development of Highly Active Catalyst System to Convert Bioethanol to 1,3-ButadieneMisao HIZA
Tadahiro FUJTANI
Highly Active Catalyst System for ETB Reaction, High Throughput Development, Tire with Sustainable Materials
2022(Vol.95) 2
p.40 - 46
Informatics Research in Functional Synthetic Rubber MaterialsTakumi ADACHI
Hiroshi MORITA
Rubber Blend, FEM Simulation, Modulus, Machine Learning, SHAP Analysis, Structure-property Correlation Diagram
2022(Vol.95) 2
p.47 - 53
Development of Soft Blends Analyzer (SOBA) and Virtual Generation of bucky-paperTakashi HONDACarbon Nano-tube, Bucky-paper, Non-woven Film, Scanning Electron Microscope, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Generative Adversarial Network, Virtual Experience
2022(Vol.95) 2
p.54 - 59
Informatics Study of Mechanical Properties of Liquid Crystal ElastomersHaruka YASUOKA
Hideo DOI
Jun-ichi FUKUDA
Takeshi AOYAGI
Liquid Crystal Elastomer, Coarse-grained Model, Machine Learning
2022(Vol.95) 2
p.60 - 65
Data Platform for the Design of Functional Polymeric MaterialsTakeshi AOYAGIData Platform, Computational Simulation, Higher-order Structure, Data-driven Materials Design, Materials Informatics
2022(Vol.95) 3
p.77 - 79
Structural Observation of Vulcanized Natural Rubber Decomposed by a Wood Decay Fungus, Trichaptum abietinum using X-ray Micro Computed Tomography.Shin SATO
Kensaku HAMADA
Yoshihiro TAKEDA
X-ray μCT, Vulcanized Natural Rubber, Biodegradation, Wood Decay Fungus, Calcium Carbonate
2022(Vol.95) 3
p.80 - 87
Recent Trends of TiresMina AOYAMATire, Rolling Resistance, TPMS, Run-flat, CASE, LCA, Labeling
2022(Vol.95) 3
p.88 - 95
Orientation Analysis Method for Functional Polymer Thin FilmsRyohei ISHIGEThin Film, Molecular Orientation, pMAIRS, GI-WAXS, Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
2022(Vol.95) 3
p.96 - 102
Synthesis of Cyclic Polymer: Polymer Topology-Transformation
Utilizing Rotaxane's Structural Characteristics (II)
Toshikazu TAKATACyclic Polymer, Rotaxane Switch, Polymer Topology, Topological Change, Linear-Cyclic Polymer Transformation, Rotaxane Protocol
2022(Vol.95) 3
p.103 - 110
Analysis of Structure of Filled Rubber Vulcanizates by Cooperation of a Synchrotron Radiation Experiment and a Large-Scale Simulation
4. Coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Entanglement Density Controlled Rubber Model
Tetsuo TOMINAGACoase-grained Molecular Dynamics Simulation, Polymer Materials, Hydrogenated Styrene Butadiene Rubber, Entanglement Density, Stress-strain Curve, Viscoelastic Propety, Ultra-small angle X-ray Scattering, Reverse Monte Carlo method
2022(Vol.95) 4
p.111 - 117
Study on the Effect of Filler Distribution and Polymer Phase Structure on Young’s Modulus in SBR/IR Rubber Blends using Finite Element Method SimulationRyota YAMAMOTO
Lingyun LYU
Hiroshi MORITA
Rubber Blends, Silica Filled Rubber, Filler Distribution, Finite Element Method Simulation, Young’s Modulus, Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Tomography, EDX Mapping
2022(Vol.95) 4
p.118 - 123
Evaluation of Skin Sensitization Potential of Chemicals and GHS Subcategorization by Local Lymph Node Assay: BrdU-ELISAToshio KOBAYASHISkin Sensitization, LLNA: BrdU-ELISA, GHS Subcategorization, OECD TG442B, CBA/J mice
2022(Vol.95) 4
p.124 - 132
Functional Design of Nanofiber Materials and Their Applications in Environment and Energy FieldsHidetoshi MATSUMOTONanofiber,Surface Area,Molecular Orientation,Confinement,Electrospinning,Air Filter, Separation Membrane,Electrolyte
2022(Vol.95) 4
p.132 - 138
Design of Dynamic Soft Materials Utilizing Rotaxane’s Structural Characteristics(1)Toshikazu TAKATAStimuli-responsive Polymer, Reversible Cross-linking, Photoinduced Decross-linking, Rotaxane Switch, Linear-Cyclic Polymer Topological Transformation
2022(Vol.95) 5
p.140 - 144
Biotechnology-based Butadiene Manufacturing Challenges for Sustainable Synthetic Rubber MaterialsYoshihide YACHI Biotechnology, Butadiene, Biomass, Carbon Neutral, Metabolic Pathway
2022(Vol.95) 5
p.145 - 152
Trends in Bioplastics and Efforts for a Development of Bio-polypropyleneKeiichi TAKI
Bioplastics, Bio-polyolefins, Bio-polypropylene, Bio-pp, Circular Economy
2022(Vol.95) 5
p.153 - 160
Trial Production Using Cellulose Nanofibers ―Results of the Nano Cellulose Vehicle Project―Arimitsu USUKI Cellulose Nano Fiber, Vehicle, CNF-based Materials, Weight Reduction
2022(Vol.95) 6
p.162 - 165
Structure Control of Rubber to Improve the PropertiesHiromu SAITOCrosslinking, Strain-induced Crystallization, Microphase Structure, Blend, Mechanical Property
2022(Vol.95) 6
p.166 - 169
Introduction of Laboratory for Properties of Nanomaterials I (Sakurai Group) at Department of Biobased Materials Science, Faculty of Fiber Science and Engineering, Kyoto Institute of TechnologyShinichi SAKURAIPolymer Physics, Synchrotron Small-Angle X-ray Scattering, Small-Angle Neutron Scattering, Pattern Formation, Dissipative Structures in Polymer System (convection), Multiphase Polymeric Materials, Biobased Materials, Structure and Properties Relationship, Polymer Crystallization.
2022(Vol.95) 6
p.170 - 175
Green Resources Chemistry Laboratory of Nagaoka University of TechnologySeiichi KAWAHARANagaoka University of Technology, Green Resources Chemistry Laboratory, Natural Rubber Chemistry, Natural Rubber, Protein-free Natural Rubber, Nanomatrix Structure, Latex State NMR Spectroscopy, Rubber State NMR Spectroscopy
2022(Vol.95) 6
p.176 - 179
Polymeric Nanocomposite Laboratory, Graduate School of Engineering, Toyota Technological InstituteMasami OKAMOTOBiocomposite, New Research Framework, International Research Network, Passion
2022(Vol.95) 6
p.180 - 182
Welcome to "Chemistry of Dynamic Molecules Laboratory" in Nagasaki UniversityHiroto MURAKAMIChemistry of Dynamic Molecules Laboratory, Roots and History, Polyurethane Elastomer, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Redox-Active Ionic Liquid
2022(Vol.95) 7
p.199 - 206
Structural Analysis of Multinetwork Elastomer: Comparison with Hydrogen Bond Crosslinking ElastomerKeisuke ChinoMultinetworking System, Covalent Bond, Hydrogen Bond, Clay Plane Bond, Compression Set, Self-healing, Recyclability, Electrostatic Interaction
2022(Vol.95) 7
p.207 - 211
Material Transportation During Strain-induced Crystallization of Vulcanized Natural Rubber Filled with Carbon BlackMasatoshi Tosaka
Takayuki Maruyama
Paraffin Crystals, Wide Angle X-ray Diffraction, Mapping, Crack Propagation, Energy Dissipation, Reinforcement
2022(Vol.95) 7
p.212 - 218
High-resolution Measurement of the Mechanocaloric Properties of Natural RubberTakasuke MATSUO
Daisuke TAKAJO
Natural Rubber, Mechanocaloric Effect, Thermodynamics of Rubber, Entropy of Extension. Ideal Rubber, Energy Dissipation