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Englisg Abstract
Englisg Abstract

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Year(Vol.) No.
Title Author(s) Keywords
2023(Vol.96) 1
p.3 - 10
Influence of Mastication of NBR on Dispersion of Carbon BlackKoji OKAMOTO
Michiharu TOH
Mastication, Plasticization, Subdivision, Rheological Unit, Dispersion, BIT, AFM, NBR
2023(Vol.96) 1
p.11 - 16
Material Modulus Estimation for Drop Impact of Viscoelastic Body onto PlateHiroyuki IWAMOTO
Muneharu SAIGO
Kohei YUGE
Hiroshi KATO
Impact, Viscoelastic Material, Bar, Sphere, Maxwell Model, Finite Element Analysis, Finite Difference Analysis
2023(Vol.96) 1
p.17 - 20
Development of Hydrogenated SBR Showing High Strength, High Durability, and High Wear ResistanceTatsumoto NAKAHAMA Hydrogenated Styrene Butadiene Rubber, Strength, Stress-strain Curve, Entanglement Density, Modified Kremer-Grest Model, Durability, Wear Resistance
2023(Vol.96) 2
p.27 - 31
Research Activities at Laboratory of Polymer Materials Chemistry, Nagaoka University of TechnologyKatsuhiko TAKENAKAconjugated dienes, anionic polymerization, free-radical polymerization, functional group, synthetic rubber, [3]dendralene
2023(Vol.96) 2
p.32 - 36
Polymer Nanomechanics at Nakajima Laboratory in Tokyo Institute of TechnologyKen NAKAJIMAPolymer Nanomechanics, Nanofishing, Atomic Force Microscope, Nanorheology
2023(Vol.96) 2
p.37 - 41
Sanada Laboratory, Materials Design and Processing Course, Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Toyama Prefectural UniversityYasuka NASSHO
Kazuaki SANADA
Material Testing, Finite Element Analysis, Microstructural Design, Composite Material
2023(Vol.96) 2
p.42 - 45
Structure and Physical Property Control of Polymer Materials using Various Mechanical Tests and In situ Multiscale Structure AnalysesKen KOJIOIn situ Multiscale Structure Analyses, Molecular Aggregation Structure, Physical Properties, Polymer Materials