English Abstract

Soft Materials Degradation and its Physical and Chemical Analyses

TOSOH Analysis and Research Center 1-8, Kasumi, Yokka-ichi, Mie 510-8540, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2023),96(12),271-276 General Review in Japanese
In this article the author described the example of degradation-analyses about the soft materials, especially polyolefin materials. The issues of this review are following as the general topics of soft materials, the scheme of the degradation analysis, the preparation technique before the analysis, the microscopic analysis, the spectroscopic, the chromatographic, the viscoelastic and the tensile properties.
Keywords: Polyolefin, Soft Material, Degradation Analysis, Chromatography, Microscope, Spectroscopy, Viscoelasticity, Tensile Property