English Abstract

Materials Technology for Heterogeneous Polymer Systems: Part III. Material Recycling of Crosslinked Polymers

Aichi Institute of Technology, Department of Applied Chemistry, Yachigusa, Yakusa-cho, Toyota, Aichi, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2023),96(7),187-191 General Review in Japanese
Material recycling technologies, contributing to promoting closed-loop recycling processes, are shown in this Part III for automotive polymer wastes mixed with crosslinked polymers as non-recyclable materials. High quality material recycling technologies based on continuous processes using twin-screw extruders under the controls of temperature, shear stress, internal pressure and chemical reactions in treating processes with selective breakages of crosslinking points and melt-blending of immiscible materials were developed in the late1990s and early 2000s for painted thermoplastic bumper waste, two layered surface material waste from interior trims and sulfur-crosslinked rubber waste from weather strips. Basic concepts for high closed-loop material recycling as shown in this lecture will provide some useful hints to use recycled materials for the same production or other high-value production cycles.

Keywords: Closed-loop Recycling, Automotive Waste, Crosslinked Polymer, Reactive Processing, Twin-screw Extruder