English Abstract

The Reaction Mechanism of the Silane Coupling Agents and the Application Research for Rubber Materials.

xiMix Co., Ltd. nishikamata oota-ku tokyo, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2023),96(7),183-186 General Review in Japanese

Silane coupling agents are type of silicon compound and have molecular structure that react with both inorganic and organic substances. These silanes react with inorganic substances through a two-step hydrolysis reaction and a dehydration-condensation reaction.
On the other hand, silica formulations are spreading because of low rolling resistance in the tire industry. These formulations include silane coupling agents to provide interaction between silica and rubber. The silane coupling agents react with silica during mixing and react with rubber during vulcanization. As a result, we can get a rubber stocks with high dispersibility and low energy loss.

Keywords: Silane Coupling Agent, Silica, Tire, Dispersion, Energy Loss