English Abstract

Dispersion Kneader Features and Feature-based Rubber Mixing Line Engineering

Tatsuo YADA
Suzuka Engineering Co., Ltd., Yokkaichi, Mie, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2023),96(4),87-93 General Review in Japanese

Rubber mixing process consists of batch weighing, mixing and kneading, sheeting and cooling processes. As several types of mixing machines have been introduced for the core mixing and kneading process in the rubber industry, the selection of mixer type has a significant effect on factory construction and mixing line engineering entirely.
This paper explains in detail the features of a tilting chamber type kneader, which is a kind of internal mixers used in rubber mixing process, in comparison with an opening bottom type mixer, and makes clear its influence to the engineering of rubber mixing lines based on the mixer structural features.

Keywords: Dispersion Kneader, Internal Mixer, Rubber Mixing Line, Engineering