English Abstract

Zero Shear Viscosity and Steady State Shear Creep Compliance of Industrial High Density Polyethylene Melts using the Meissnerfs Procedure | The Linearity and the Dependence on Molecular Weight and its Distribution.

TOSOH Analysis and Research Center , Yokka-ichi,Mie, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2022),95(9),266-273 Original Paper in Japanese

Zero shear viscosity ƒĆ0 and steady state compliance Je0 are significant rheological parameters. Shear creep measurement could bring us these parameters. Meissner et al. reported their excellent procedure using the principle of Boltzmannfs superposition and the Ninomiyafs protocol. In this article the author revisited this procedure using industrial high density polyethylene. It was concluded that the Meissnerfs procedure could give us stress independent (linear) values of the ƒĆ0 and the Je0 more properly than the traditional. The proposed ƒĆ0 was correlated with Mw4i.5 Mz/Mw).And the Je0 had a reasonable relationship with MWD (molecular weight distribution), Je0 ćiMz/Mw)5 (Mn : the number averaged molecular weight, Mw : the weight averaged molecular weight and the Mz : the z-averaged molecular weight).

Keywords: Shear Creep Compliance, Zero-shear Viscosity, Steady State Creep Compliance, Molecular Weight,Molecular Weight Distribution, HDPE