English Abstract

Structural Observation of Vulcanized Natural Rubber Decomposed by a Wood Decay Fungus, Trichaptum abietinum using X-ray Micro Computed Tomography.

Shin SATO *1
Kensaku HAMADA *1
Yoshihiro TAKEDA *2
*1:Faculty of Environmental Studies, Tottori University of Environmental Studies, Wakabadai-kita, Tottori, Japan
*2:X-Ray Research Laboratory, Rigaku Corporation, Akishima, Tokyo, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2022),95(3),77-79 Original Paper in Japanese

Microbial degradation of a vulcanized natural rubber material treated by a wood decay fungus, Trichaptum abietinum TUES-023 was observed by X-ray CT with non-destructive 1.25 m resolution. After treatment with T. abietinum for 172 days at 25 C in a static condition, the rubber surface distorted and the inside structure became porous due to elution of a filler, calcium carbonate from the rubber. The structural change was observed from subsurface to 328 m depth in the rubber. In this study, we demonstrate that X-ray CT have an advantage as a tool to monitor structure of rubber inside without addition of physical damage to the rubber materials.

Keywords: X-ray CT, Vulcanized Natural Rubber, Biodegradation, Wood Decay Fungus, Calcium Carbonate