English Abstract

Foaming Technology for Weather Strip

Kinugawa Rubber Industrial co.ltd., Inage-ku, Chiba, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2021),94(10),346-349 General Review in Japanese

This paper introduces practical examples of foaming technology for automotive rubber parts for the purpose of deepening the foaming technology of elastomer materials.

In particular, we explain the foaming technology for weather strip which is our main product.

Weather strips are parts that are attached around the doors of automobiles and around the glass of the body. It is a seal part that prevents wind, rain, dust, and noise from entering through the gap of other parts.

Weather strips are made of flexible foamed EPDM or foamed TPE in order to give them the properties as automotive body seal parts, and it is manufactured by extrusion foam molding.

It is important to control foaming process for satisfying required performance and manufacturing stable of the weather strips, and they are realized by mean of foaming agent optimization and material management.

Keywords: Weather Strip, Foamed EPDM, Foamed TPE, Extrusion Foam Molding