English Abstract

Optimized Laboratory Test Condition to Predict Tire Tread Wear

Hiroshi MOURI
Rubber Consultant, Tokyo, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2021),94(9),287-292 Original Paper in Japanese

Laboratory test condition to predict tire tread wear was discussed, using the FPS wear test equipment manufactured by Ueshima Seisakusho Co. Ltd. Sample load was determined based on the sample dynamic footprint and inflation pressure of different tire groups. Most tire groups evaluate wear rate by volume loss per distance with the exception of giant mining tires which evaluate volume loss per hours. In light of truck, bus and passenger tires, the laboratory test in the present paper employed the volume loss per distance. In such case, slip ratio correlated with wear rate better than slip speed. The surface of the worn sample and wear debris indicated that the laboratory wear mechanism was identical to road wear mechanism which was considered plastic wear (P-wear) instead of the conventional elastic wear (E-wear).

Keywords: Laboratory Tread Wear, Slip Ratio, Wear Debris, Worn Surface