English Abstract

Technology of Rubber Molding (Part1)
–History and Present–

Honorary Head, KANSAI Rubber Technical Training Course, Higashiosaka City, Osaka, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2021),94(7),245-249 General Review in Japanese

Many companies use molds to perform vulcanization molding of rubber. The unvulcanized rubber compound, which has been kneaded, mixed, and preformed, is loaded on the mold, and then mold vulcanization molding is applied using a compression molding machines, an injection molding vulcanization machines, and a transfer molding machines. Mold vulcanization molding, which uses a mold, involves vulcanization reaction (cross-linking reaction) and molding under high temperature and high pressure, and the goodness or badness of the resulting molded product is determined by the compound design, the accuracy of the mold, the goodness or badness of the mold, and the vulcanization molding conditions. In this section, this paper discusses the history of rubber molding, the cancellation of the technology of rubber molding and the trends to be discussed.

Keywords: Technology of Rubber Molding, Mold Design, Vulcanization Molding, Molding Trouble, Molding Bad, Fluidity, Compounding, Rubber