English Abstract

Unified Physical Concept of Friction and Wear of Rubber
Part 4: Inseparable Relationship between Stick-slip Motion, Abrasionpattern Formation and Wear of Rubber

Yoshihide FUKAHORI
Queen Mary University of London, London, UK
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2021),94(3),95-102 General Review in Japanese

The author proposes the essential features of wear of rubber, where the rubber wear is related inseparably to abrasion pattern formation generated by stick-slip motion during frictional sliding of the rubber. Initial micro-cracks in this process are induced by the micro-vibration of high frequency, which grow up to the abrasion patterns accelerated by the stick-slip motion. Thus, the wear of the rubber is just understood to be the process of the formation and separation of ridges of the abrasion pattern. The author newly induces “Wear-abrasion pattern diagram”, where the rate of wear is connected directly to the distance between the abrasion patterns Dab with the equation, =k(Dab) n, n being 1/3 at an early stage and 3.5 for a final steady stage of the wear, k a constant.

Keywords: Rubber Wear, Abrasion Pattern Formation, Stick-slip Motion, Micro-vibration of High Frequency, Microcrack, Wear-abrasion Pattern Diagram