English Abstract

Unified Physical Concept of Friction and Wear of Rubber
Part 1: Strong Adhesion and High Frictional Force caused by the Surface Characteristics of Cross-linked Rubber

Yoshihide FUKAHORI
Queen Mary University of London, London, UK
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2020),93(9),312-325 General Review in Japanese

In a lecture of this series, the author discusses rubber friction and wear widely experimentally and theoretically to unify them as a new physical concept. Several distinctive features of the rubber friction such as a friction coefficient that is much higher than metal and plastic and the intense stick-slip motion during sliding are all resulted from the sticky rubber surface. Thus, the first paper (Part 1) focuses on the surface characteristics of the rubber to understand the real features existing on the surface of cross-linked rubber, where is shown that the dominant factor encountered during the rubber friction is the adhesion force caused by the meniscus formation in the interface between the uncross-linked phase in the cross-linked rubber and the solid surface.

Keywords: Rubber Friction and Wear, Sticky Surface Characteristic, High Friction coefficient, Macroscopic Phase Separation, Meniscus Formation, Uncross-linked and Cross-linked Phases