English Abstract

Development of New Heat Resistant Acrylic Rubber (Denka ER® ERX-219)

Tatsuya NAKANO
Denka Co., Ltd., Ichihara-City, Chiba, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2020),93(8),269-272 General Review in Japanese

Acrylic rubbers obtained by copolymerization of some acrylic monomers are known as specialty rubbers with high heat and oil resistance. Acrylic rubbers are widely used in the automotive industry such as materials for hose, seal, and so on. Recently, rubber for automotive is required to be excellent in heat resistance to enable high output due to the growth of environmental regulations. In this paper, basic properties of acrylic rubbers and new high heat resistant acrylic rubber (Denka ER® ERX-219) are reported.

Keywords: Acrylic Rubber, Heat Resistance, Oil Resistance, ACM, AEM