English Abstract

Introduction of Reactive Antioxidant, Appearance Improver and Lubricity-imparting Agent

Daisuke YAMAKI
Seiko Chemical Co.,Ltd., Kawaguchi-city, Saitama, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2020),93(6),215-219 General Review in Japanese

Various additives are compounded in rubber products depending on the required performance. Among the required functions, we will introduce 3 additives that improve aging, appearance and lubricity respectively. Reactive antioxidant “4A maleimide”, which improves heat resistance and flex resistance by reacting with rubber. Appearance enhancer “New Aid CS, SB”, which improves the blooming on the rubber surface caused by additives. Lubricity-imparting agent “New Aid SLP”, which enables early onset and sustained lubrication effects.

Keywords: Antioxidant, Blooming, Lubricant