English Abstract

Demystifying Properties of Fluoroelastomers and Their Current and Potential Future Applications

AGC Inc. AGC Chemicals, Polymer Development Office, Ichihara-shi, JAPAN
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2020),93(6),202-206 General Review in Japanese

Fluoropolymers are unique specialty polymers that have superior characteristics such as water & oil repellency and superior resistance to various chemicals and weather, making them both reliable and highly suitable for many critical applications. Among other elastomeric materials, fluoroelastomers have excellent properties. The fluorinated elastomers have an outstanding chemical resistance and heat resistance allowing to be used continuously at extreme temperature conditions for many industrial applications. In this article, the unique chemical and functional structures of fluoroelastomers are demystified. In addition, the current applications and potential prospects of fluoroelastomers are discussed.

Keywords: Fluoroelastomer, Fluororubber, Heat Resistance, Chemical Resistance, FKM, FEPM, FFKM