English Abstract

History and Future of Anti-Adhesive Agent

LION SPECIALTY CHEMICALS CO. LTD Ono Research Institute, Ono, Hyogo, JAPAN
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2020),93(6),190-194 General Review in Japanese

An anti-adhesive agent is used to prevent the adhesion when unvulcanized rubber is stacked and stocked. We have been developing various types of anti-adhesive agents such as soap based type, powder type and polymer component based type from the environment and productivity. These anti-adhesive agents have received a certain evaluation from rubber producer, but the properties of the anti-adhesion are affected by wettability, sinking, stretching of the anti-adhesion film to rubber surface, and improvement requests from rubber producer are still strong. We hope that we can contribute to the development of the rubber industry by developing new anti-adhesive agent.

Keywords: Anti-adhesive, Stock, Soap, Powder, Polymer