English Abstract

Degradation Mechanism of Rubbers :Part II

Shigemitsu OTOMO
Retired from Ouchishinko Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2019),92(7),263-268 General Review in Japanese

In order to prevent ageing of rubber, it is important to understand the degradation mechanism of rubber. Autoxidation mechanism and the heat oxidative degradation mechanisms of various rubbers were reported in the previous paper.
In this article, the various degradation mechanisms of other rubbers, ozone cracking mechanism of diene rubber and the mechanism of autoxidation reaction accelerated with transition metal or UV light are explained from the viewpoint of chemical reaction.

Keywords: Rubber, Degradation Mechanism, Ozone Cracking, Acceleration of Degradation, Transition Metal, UV Light, Heat Aging, Hydrolysis