English Abstract

Heterogeneous Structure in Elastomers and Polymer Nanotechnology :
Part I. Studies on Heterogeneous Structure in Elastomers and Their Development

Toshio NISHI
Emeritus Professor of The University of Tokyo and Tokyo Institute of Technology
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2019),92(1),38-44 General Review in Japanese

Real polymer materials including filled rubber vulcanizates are typical complex systems. It is necessary to analyze and understand their heterogeneous structure from nano- to large scale and try to correlate their structure and properties. This series of special lecture will be consisted of 5 parts.
Part I. Studies on Heterogeneous Structure in Elastomers and Their Development.
Part II. Studies on Miscibility and Phase Separation in Polymer Alloys & Blends and Their Development.
Part III. Development of Polymer Nanotechnology and Its Future.
Part IV. Polymer Nanotechnology and Megatechnology.
Part V. Studies on Polymer Based Composite Materials and Their Future Hope.
In this lecture as Part I, heterogeneous structure in elastomers are studied from simple to more complex systems and real rubber materials in these steps.
1) Unvulcanized filled rubber systems.
2) Unvulcanized oil extended rubber systems.
3) Pure rubber vulcanizates.
4) Filled rubber vulcanizates and bound rubber.
5) Heterogeneous structure model of filled rubber vulcanizates and their correlation with physical properties.
At each step, typical evidence for the model is shown based on our experimental results including dynamic mechanical measurements, ultra small angle X-ray scattering, pulsed NMR, electron microscopy and so on. In the last, future development in this field is summarized.

Keywords: Heterogeneous Structure, Unvulcanized Filled Rubber, Unvulcanized Rubber Oil System, Filled Rubber Vulcanizates, Bound Rubber, Dynamic Mechanical Measurement, Ultra Small Angle X-ray Scattering, Pulsed NMR