English Abstract

Petroleum Waxes for Antiozonant

Nozomi ARIGA
Ouchi Shinko Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. Research & Development Center R&D 3group, Sukagawa-shi, Fukushima-ken, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2018),91(12),460-464 General Review in Japanese

Waxes used for antiozonant are mainly used by mixing petroleum wax. The wax blended in the rubber blooms to the rubber surface to form a protective film. Bloom speed of wax, protective film thickness and crystal state determine the superiority or inferiority of ozone resistance. This is the influence of the normal paraffin component of wax and the distribution of molecular weight. We will explain these in this review.

Keywords: Antiozonants, Petroleum Wax, Blooming, Ozone Cracking, Average Molecular Weight, Protective Agent