English Abstract

Potential Application for Tissue Engineering in Natural Rubber Latex

Advanced Polymeric Nanostructured Materials Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Toyota Technological Institute, Nagoya, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2018),91(9),331-336 General Review in Japanese

Natural rubber latex (NRL) is mainly used around traditional industrial products, but currently their target application is continuously expanding into tissue engineering. To broaden our knowledge of application in tissue engineering of NRL, we have for the first time examined the latex biocompatibility in vitro against a panel of cancer cells(A549, A2780, and MDA-MB-231). Owing to fractionation of NRL nanoparticles by ultra-centrifuge, the effect of the non-rubber constituents on the cytotoxicity was clarified. In addition, profound studies including cell cycle arrest abilities and apoptosis induction profiles against cancer cells were discussed in detail.
In order for NRL nanoparticles to be employed in tissue engineering, they need to have designed biological interaction with cells as well as favorable mechanical properties. Cells can delicately sense and respond to external nanoscale features in intricate living systems. With this in mind, an in-depth understanding of cell differentiation may bring a new perspective to tissue engineering including new bone regeneration and cartilage therapy.

Keywords: Natural Rubber Latex; Tissue Engineering; Cancer Cells; Cytotoxicity; Cell Cycle; Apoptosis; Bone Tissue; Chondrogenic Differentiation