English Abstract

The Pursuit of Safety in Manufacture
Part V The Influence of Global Warming on Rubbers and Plastics
(II Infulence of Short Wavelength Ultraviolet Rediation on Ozone Genaration and Influence of Ozone on Vulcanized Rubber)

Yoshito OHTAKE
Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute, Japan, Kitakatsushika-gun, Saitama, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2018),91(6),192-198 General Review in Japanese

In the recent global environment, the ozone in the atmosphere near the surface of the earth is increasing due to the expansion of the ozone hole, the increase in the amount of ultraviolet rays, and the increase in NOx.
Damage of vulcanized rubber suffered by ozone is quite large. Therefore, design of rubber formulation is necessary, such as increase of wax content and selection of HNBR with high conversion of hydrogenation, even though conventional vulcanized rubber with ozone resistance.

Keywords: Ozone, Degradation, HNBR, Wax