English Abstract

Guayule Natural Rubber and Dandelion Natural Rubber

Preeyanuch JUNKONG *1
Yuta SAKAKI *2
Yuko IKEDA *3
*1:Research Strategy Promotion Center, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Sakyo, Kyoto, Japan
*2:Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Sakyo, Kyoto, Japan
*3:Faculty of Molecular Chemistry and Engineering, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Sakyo, Kyoto, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2018),91(5),169-175 General Review in Japanese

This review paper emphasizes the importance of biodiversity and biosecurity of natural rubbers. Characteristics of guayule natural rubber and dandelion natural rubber are described by comparison with Hevea natural rubber. Especially, their unique strain-induced crystallization behaviors and mechanical properties are summarized, which suggest that these natural rubbers can be alternative natural rubbers for Hevea natural rubber. The technique of the collection for these natural rubbers is necessary to be developed in order to efficiently get their solid natural rubbers and natural rubber latexes in a high quality.

Keywords: Guayule Natural Rubber, Dandelion Natural Rubber, Alternative Natural Rubber, Strain-induced Crystallization, Non-rubber Components