English Abstract

Development of Stretchable Strain Sensor System

BANDO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, LTD. New Product Development Department Research and Development Center, Kobe, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2018),91(2),41-48 General Review in Japanese

Conventionally, in order to measure the strain of the rigid, such as metal, the strain gauges are widely used. The strain measurement of the flexible object, and a wide dynamic range (for example 100% or more) strain sensor are required. Flexible strain sensor is expected to realize a variety of technologies. For example, measurement applications, human interface, smart wear, skin-motion monitoring, and robotic skin.
We have developed a stretchable strain sensor C-STRETCH®, used the compounding techniques of elastomer and elastic conductive materials. This sensor is wide dynamic range (up to 200% elongation), very soft, very thin film, high responsiveness, and excellent measurement accuracy.

Keywords: Stretch, Elastic, Sensor, Capacitive, Motion, Respiration, Swallowing, Interface