English Abstract

Industrial Synthetic Method of the Rubbers
16. Natural Rubber

Hajime KONDO *2
*1:Central Research Division, Bridgestone Corporation, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo, Japan
*2:Tire Materials Advanced Development Department, Bridgestone Corporation, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2017),90(4),210-214 General Review in Japanese

Natural rubber (NR) is polyisoprene with 100% of cis-1,4 structure on main chain. NR is a natural resource derived from a tropical tree called Hevea brasiliensis (para rubber tree) that produces latex. NR is an industrial raw material, and global NR production and consumption are about 12 million ton per year (2014) which are about 40% in total rubber usage. Since NR shows superior physical properties such as break strength or durability comparing with synthetic rubber, NR demand is expected to rise in the future. In this review, we describe the present state, trend of new research and development of NR.

Keywords: Natural Rubber, NR, Polyisoprene, SR, RSS, Hevea brasiliensis