English Abstract

Organotransition Metal Chemistry-From Fundamental Concepts to Recent Advances
Part 1: Fundamentals of Ortanotransition Metal Chemistry-Concepts of Chemical Bonding

Sanshiro KOMIYA
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Gakushuin University, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2015),88(7),270-275 General Review in Japanese

Fundamental minimum basic ideas for understanding structure and chemical bond of organotransition metal compounds as well as mechanisms of transition metal promoted catalyses and organic chemical transformations including bonding concepts, orbital hybridization, electron-deficient bond, back-donation, 18 electron rule, coordinative unsaturation, crystal field theory, fluxionality, nomenclature are described.

Keywords: Back-donation, Electron-deficient Bond, 18 E Rule, Crystal Field Theory, Agostic Interaction, Coordinative Unsaturation, Fluxionality, Molecular Orbital Theory