English Abstract

Efficient Heating in Vulcanization Molding Using a Mold

Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2015),88(4),144-150 General Review in Japanese

A problem is efficiency of heat transfer through the mold, and speedup of rubber-compounds heating, and hightemperature vulcanization.
Efficiency of heat transfer is a means of focusing on the target heating, uniform heat distribution, heat insulation, and high-speed heat transfer.
As for the rubber-compounds heating, it is thought a method to make the shear fever with the injection nozzle more effectively.
About the high-temperature vulcanization, an application of the mold heating means that does not produce a trouble in the flow of rubber-compounds is required.

Keywords: Heating for the Target, Uniform Heat Distribution and Heat Insulation, High-Speed Heat Transfer, Shear Fever with the Injection Nozzle, High-temperature Mold