English Abstract

Measurement of Compound Temperature in Internal Rubber Mixers

Tatsuo YADA
Suzuka Engineering Co., Ltd., Yokkaichi City, Mie, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2015),88(4),122-129 General Review in Japanese

During rubber mixing process, a thermo sensor equipped with such as a thermocouple provides one of the most important monitoring factors, i.e. the temperature of rubber compound in the invisible inside of a mixer. However, it is recognized that the performance of this sensor is not good enough to satisfy the monitoring requirement.
This paper tries to make clear the reason from the viewpoint of the sensor response time and the friction heat generation between the sensor and rubber compound.
A high response thermo sensor is useful to visualize the rubber compound behavior in a mixer, and will be a prospective tool to control mixing process more optimally.

Keywords: Temperature Measurement, Thermo Sensor, Thermocouple, Response Time, Internal Mixer, Heat Generation, Thermal Conductivity, Shear Heating, Friction Heating, Visualization