English Abstract

How to Solve a Trade-off Problem Using the Design of Experiment with Orthogonal Array

Momentive Performance Materials Japan LLC., Chuoku,Osaka, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2014),87(12),473-479 General Review in Japanese

Designs of experiments with orthogonal array do not only reduce experimental numbers but also can solve trade-off problems. This paper explains how to use this type of DoE to solve trade-off by using model experiment of rubber compound. At first, experiment should be designed by orthogonal array ( L8, L9, L12, L16, etc.) because many factors are needed to solve trade-off problem. Then, contribution % for all properties of each factors are important. The Trade-off problem will be solved if many factors can be used for the properties having higher % of contribution. Furthermore, a procedure of multiple regression analysis is explained. It is important to understand some phenomena.

Keywords: Design of Experiment, Orthogonal Array, L8, L9, L12, L16, Trade-off, Multiple Regression Analysis