English Abstract

The Formulation Design of Transdermal â└1-blocker Patch Using Rubber Adhesive

Yoshihiro IWAO *1
Kunihiro MINAMI *2
*1:Nitto Denko Corporation, Osaki, Miyagi, Japan
*2:TOA EIYO LTD., Fukushima, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2014),87(10),422-427 General Review in Japanese

Bisono®tape has been designed to have the optimum combination of skin permeability of drug and adhesion properties using polyüiiso-butyleneüjrubber adhesive. Once daily administration of Bisono®tape produced a sustained release of active ingredient bisoprolol through skin showed moderate change in blood concentration and demonstrated antihypertensive effects for twenty-four hours. It is also expected that Bisono®tape contributes to maintain the medication of patients with dysphagia and/or poor compliance to medication and improves patient adherence. This article reviews the formulation design, clinical results and features of Bisono®tape.

Keywords: Rubber Adhesive, Transdermal Therapeutic Systems, â└1-blocker, Adherence