English Abstract

Improvement of the Ozone Resistance of Rubber Vulcanizate Using Antidegradant

Shigemitsu OTOMO
Ouchi Shinko Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2014),87(7),284-291 General Review in Japanese

Tire and automobile parts such as fuel hose, rubber packing and timing belts etc. are made of rubber vulcanizate, the improvement of their ozone resistance by addition of antidegradant is very important theme.
This paper reviews the ozone protection activity of antidegradants evaluated by their reactivity for ozone, the influence of volatility by heating or the extraction by water (rainfall) on the ozone protection activity of antidegradant, and the protection of NR, CR and NBR vulcanizates against ozone degradation by addition of antidegradant with ozone protection activity and ozone protect wax.

Keywords: Vulcanizate, Ozone Resistance, Antidegradant, Ozone Protect Wax, Ozone Protection Activity, Reactivity for Ozone, Volatility by Heating, Extraction by Water