English Abstract

Polymer with Movable Cross-linking Points Using Cyclic Moiety as Cross-linking Agent

Masataka KUBO
Graduate School of Regional Innovation Studies, Mie University, Tsu city, Mie, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2014),87(3),103-106 General Review in Japanese

Polymerization of a monomer in the presence of cyclic macromonomer in high concentration leads mechanically linked three-dimensional network polymer. The network structure is formed by the threading of the cyclic moiety by a segment of another polymer chain during the copolymerization process. This class of materials has attracted a great deal of interest as new functional materials with unusual chemical, physical and mechanical properties due to the high degrees of freedom in segmental movement since cross-linking points can move in these three-dimensional structures.

Keywords: Cyclic Macromonomer, Chain Threading, Movable Cross-linking, Copolymerization