English Abstract

Self-Repairing Water Isolation Sheet and Self-Repairing Tire

Gunma University, Aramaki, Gunma, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2012),85(8),265-270 General Review in Japanese

A new type leakage isolation sheet with self-repairing mechanism is developed, in which there is no water leakage when the sheet is broken. The sheet consists of two rubber sheets with lattices inside. Polymer particles are in the lattices, and sandwiched between the rubber sheets. The polymer particles expand in contact with water, and the pressure generated repair the broken part. It is clarified that the proposed sheet isolates leakage perfectly under 2kPa pressure when the sheet is broken by a 20mm diameter punch. The technique is applied to a tire, and a new-type tire is presented, in which there is no air leakage when nails break the tire. The broken part is repaired automatically by its self-repairing mechanism.

Keywords: Self-Repairing, Sheet, Leakage Isolation, Tire, Self repairing