English Abstract

Run-flat Tire Technology

Bridgestone Corporation, Kodaira, Tokyo, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2012),85(6),193-197 General Review in Japanese

Recent technologies for run-flat tire are reviewed. Invention of pneumatic tire has greatly contributed to development of automobile culture. However, it has a big disadvantage that it comes to useless incase of puncture because the inside air pressure supports the load. Though spare tire has been installed in case of accident, it is not favorable from environmental and safety point of view. In order to overcome this problem, run-flat tire that can run for certain distance without replacing even after puncture has been developed. By choosing appropriate rubber compound having enough durability as well as riding comfort and designing the structure of side wall of the tire to radiate the heat using cooling rib, it comes to possible to produce run-flat tires not only for compact passenger car but also for minivan using larger size tires.

Keywords: Self Support Run-flat Tire, Cooling Rib