English Abstract

Material Design of the Die-bonding Film Based on Polyimide/Epoxy Resin

Takashi MASUKO
Telecommunication Materials Development Center, Tsukuba Research Laboratory, Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2012),85(2),58-63 General Review in Japanese

Die-bonding films have become the key technology to realize excellent reliability, high performance, high speed and high density of the devices, as well as smaller and thinner packages. We developed a novel die-bonding film based on polyimide/epoxy resin, which are useful to the CSPs iChip Size/Scale Packagej. The film showed thermoplastic behavior before curing with molten performance at high temperatures above their Tgs, and thermosetting behavior after curing with restricted flow behavior even above their Tgs. The limited flow behavior results from the network structure formation in the film. The adhesion strength of the film when used as an adhesive film between two adherents having different thermal strains was affected by two main factors: the modulus and stress relaxation property of the film. In this review, the relationship between the chemical structure of the polyimides and the various properties of the films is discussed.

Keywords: Die-Bonding Film, Stacked-CSP, Polyimide, Dynamic Mechanical Properties, Stress Relaxation, Adhesion Strength