English Abstract

Ultra Fine Particle Calcium Carbonate for Functional Additive

Tomoaki SUGITA
Shiraishi Central Laboratories Co.,Ltd., Motohama-cho, Amagasaki- city, Hyogo, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2012),85(1),18-22 General Review in Japanese

Ultra-fine preticipated calcium carbonate (UFPCC) can be used not only as“Filler”but also as“Functional additive”.
A small dosage of UFPCC together with reinforcing fillers (such as precipitated silica, carbon black which are difficult to mix or disperse) can act like a dispersing agent or processing aid, and to shorten the mixing time/to improve the dispersibility of reinforcing fillers can be expected.
In addition, UFPCC can improve the tackiness and elongation of unvulcanized rubber and it is supposed that these advantages may accelerate the mixing of fillers/rubber and extension of rubber together with filler which results to shorten the mixing time and to improve the dispersibility of reinforcing fillers.

Keywords: Ultra-fine preticipated calcium carbonate, Dispersibility, Tackiness, Precipitated silica, Carbon black