English Abstract

Moisture Stability of Rubber/Galvanized-steel Direct Bonding System

Tsutomu SHIOYAMA *1
Hidetoshi HIRAHARA *2
Yoshiyuki OISHI *2
Eiichi NARITA *2
Kunio MORI *2
*1:Industrial Product Div., Bando Chemical Industries, Kakogawa Hyogo,Japan.
*2:Graduate School of Engineering, Iwate University, Ueda, Morioka, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2011),84(10),331-335 Original Paper in Japanese

The adhesion degradation of rubber / galvanized - steel direct bonding system was accelerated by moisture .The route that moisture reached the rubber/galvanized steel interface through, and improvement of stability of the adhesion system was studied.
Following results were obtained. (1)The moisture does not penetrate through the rubber/metal interface, but through the rubber bulk phase. (2)Of the rubber components, emulsion-polymerized SBR shows the highest amount of moisture adsorption. So compounding solution-polymerized rubber as main material instead of emulsion-polymerized rubber, the adhesion stability under high moisture condition was remarkably improved.

Keywords: Rubber, Galvanized-steel, Direct Bonding, Moisture Stability