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Englisg Abstract
Englisg Abstract

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Title Author(s) Keywords
2021(Vol.94) 1
p.3 - 10
Unified Physical Concept of Friction and Wear of Rubber
Part 3: A New Philosophy and Theory for Rubber Friction
Yoshihide FUKAHORIClassical Theories of Rubber Friction, Adhesion Friction Coefficient, Deformation Friction Coefficient, Crack Formation Friction Coefficient, Velocity Dependence of Friction Coefficient, Normal Load Dependence of Friction Coefficient
2021(Vol.94) 1
p.11 - 17
Chemistry of Sulfur Chain and Design of Dynamic Soft Materials Using Rotaxane Effect of Rotaxane-Crosslink (1)Toshikazu TAKATARotaxane-Crosslinked Polymer, Mechanical Property, Toughening, neo-Hookean Equation, Affine Deformation
2021(Vol.94) 2
p.26 - 32
Development of Spread Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Laminates Encompassing Self-healingKazuaki SANADA
Short Beam Shear Testing, Composite Material, Spread Carbon Fiber, Microcapsule, Fluorescent Dye, Interlaminar Shear Strength, Self-healing
2021(Vol.94) 2
p.33 - 38
Design of Self-healing Polymers and High Value-added Urethane-containing Rubber Materials Based on Dynamic Covalent ChemistryHideyuki OTSUKA
Daisuke AOKI
Yasuhiro SHODA
Katsuhiko TSUNODA
Dynamic Covalent Chemistry, Polymer Reactions, Self-healing, Polybutadiene, Polyurethane, Olefin Metathesis, Diene System Synthetic Rubber, Tire Application
2021(Vol.94) 2
p.39 - 45
Resent Advances in Self-healing Ion GelsRyota TAMATE
Masayoshi WATANABE
Ionic Liquids, Ion Gels, Photo-healing, Self-healing, Gel Electrolytes, Wearable Electronics, Stretchable Electronics
2021(Vol.94) 2
p.46 - 51
Function Design of Polymer Hydrogels Utilizing Precision Radical Polymerization: Self-healing Properties and Thermoresponsive TougheningShohei IDAHydrogel, Living Radical Polymerization, Self-healing, Thermoresponsive
2021(Vol.94) 2
p.52 - 57
Synthesis and Properties of Self-healing PolyolefinMasayoshi NISHIURA
Zhaomin HOU
Scandium, Self-healing, Ethylene, Anisylpropylene, Polyolefin, Shape-memory
2021(Vol.94) 2
p.58 - 65
Tough, Self-recoverable, and Self-healable Elastomers Physically Crosslinked by Hydrogen BondsShintaro NAKAGAWA
Physical Crosslinks, Hydrogen Bonds, Thermoplastic Elastomers, Mechanical Property, Self-healing, Self-recovery, Toughness
2021(Vol.94) 2
p.66 - 71
Self-healing Corrosion Protective Coating Using Cellulose NanofibersAkihiro YABUKI
Self-healing, Coating, Corrosion, Corrosion Prevention, Nanofiber, Carbon Steel, Network, Electrochemistry
2021(Vol.94) 3
p.87 - 94
Effect of Strain on the Weathering Resistance of Styrene-butadiene RubberMakiko KANO
Hirobumi ITO
Takeshi KONDO
SBR, Weather Resistance, Strain, Crack, Craze, Carbon Black
2021(Vol.94) 3
p.95 - 102
Unified Physical Concept of Friction and Wear of Rubber
Part 4: Inseparable Relationship between Stick-slip Motion, Abrasionpattern Formation and Wear of Rubber
Yoshihide FUKAHORIRubber Wear, Abrasion Pattern Formation, Stick-slip Motion, Micro-vibration of High Frequency, Microcrack, Wear-abrasion Pattern Diagram
2021(Vol.94) 3
p.103 - 114
Effect of Rotaxane-Cross-link (2) Property of Cross-linked Polymers Synthesized using Low Molecular Weight Rotaxane Cross-linkersToshikazu TAKATARotaxane-Cross-linked Polymer, Mechanical Property, Toughening, neo-Hookean Equation, Affine Deformation, Macrocyclic Cross-linker
2021(Vol.94) 4
p.116 - 122
Fundamental Knowledge for Stress-strain Relation of Cured RubberYoshihiro MORISHITA
Katsuhiko TSUNODA
Cured Rubber, Stress-strain Relation, Mullins Effect
2021(Vol.94) 4
p.123 - 129
Introduction to Linear Dynamic Viscoelasticity of ElastomersKenji URAYAMADynamic Viscoelasticity, Dynamic Modulus, Damping Rubber, Damping Elastomers
2021(Vol.94) 4
p.130 - 135
Basic Knowledge of Wide-angle X-ray DiffractionMasatoshi TOSAKAWavelength, Bragg’s law, Fourier Transform, Structure Factor, Lattice Factor, Scherrer’s Equation
2021(Vol.94) 4
p.136 - 141
Principle of Small-angle X-ray Scattering and Application to Rubber MaterialsKatsuhiro YAMAMOTOSmall-angle X-ray Scattering, Electron Density Fluctuation, Form Factor, Structure Factor, Guinier Law, Unified Guinier, Power-law Approach, Porod Law, Mass- and Surface Fractal Dimension
2021(Vol.94) 4
p.142 - 149
Fundamental Knowledge for Fracture of RubberKatsuhiko TSUNODA
Strength, Tensile, Elongation, Test Standard, Crack Growth, Fracture Mechanics, Tearing Energy
2021(Vol.94) 5
p.151 - 157
Mechanical Properties Simulation of Hydrogenated SBR by Coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics MethodHiroki YAMAMURA
Hirofumi SENGA
Hydrogenated Styrene Butadiene Rubber, Coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics, Entanglement Density, Modified Kremer-Grest Model, Stress-strain Curve, Viscoelastic Property
2021(Vol.94) 5
p.158 - 168
Unified Physical Concept of Friction and Wear of Rubber
Part 5: Dynamics of Initiation and Propagation of Abrasion Pattern in Wear of Rubber
Yoshihide FUKAHORIDynamics and Fracture Mechanics of Rubber Wear, Micro Crack, Abrasion Pattern, Initiation and Propagation of Abrasion Pattern, Stick-slip Motion, Wall of Rubber, Rotatory Force
2021(Vol.94) 6
p.170 - 176
Hygiene Issues in the Field of RubberSeiichi KAWAHARAHygiene Issue, Rubber, Latex Allergy, Nitrosamine, Positive List
2021(Vol.94) 6
p.177 - 181
Latest Trends of Skin Sensitization Test MethodsYosuke MAEDAAllergy, Chemicals, Rubber Products, Skin Sensitization Test, Non-animal Alternative Test
2021(Vol.94) 6
p.182 - 186
Deprotenized Natural Rubber Latex and the Quality-control FactorAtsushi TAKAIDPNR, Enzyme, Surfactant, Centrifugation
2021(Vol.94) 6
p.187 - 191
Rubber Components for Medical DevicesKazuhiro TAKAHARAMedical Device, Precision Rubber Components, Disposable Syringe Gasket, Resealability, E&L Testing, Infusion System, Vacuum Blood Collection System, Pre-filled Syringe.
2021(Vol.94) 6
p.192 - 197
Regulations for Rubber Closures for Pharmaceutical Container UsageHiroaki NAKANORubber Closures, Pharmaceutical Container, Pharmacopoeia
2021(Vol.94) 7
p.217 - 222
3D Printers will Transform Manufacturing WorldTaizo SAKAKI3Dprinter, Additive Manufacturing, Tooling, Robot Hand, Topology Optimization, Generative Design, Agile Development, IoT
2021(Vol.94) 7
p.223 - 229
Sustainable Natural RubberHiroshi MOURINatural Rubber, Guayule, Russian Dandelion, Para Rubber
2021(Vol.94) 7
p.230 - 236
Science and Technology as Social Symbols: Promoting Transdisciplinarity through Science Communication and STEAMKayoko NOHARAScience Communication, STEAM, Translation Studies, Semiotics, Dialogue, Transdisciplinarity, Rubber, Latex, Sustainability
2021(Vol.94) 7
p.237 - 244
Unified Physical Concept of Friction and Wear of Rubber
Part 6, Final: A New Theory of Rubber Wear connected with Rubber Friction through Abrasion Pattern Formation
Yoshihide FUKAHORIRubber Wear, Abrasion Pattern, Stick-slip Motion, Wear-abrasion Pattern Diagram, Kinetic Consideration, Avrami Theory, Thomas Theory of Rubber Wear, Wear Debris
2021(Vol.94) 7
p.245 - 249
Technology of Rubber Molding (Part1)
–History and Present–
Koichi YAMAGUCHITechnology of Rubber Molding, Mold Design, Vulcanization Molding, Molding Trouble, Molding Bad, Fluidity, Compounding, Rubber
2021(Vol.94) 8
p.260 - 264
History of Winter Tires in JapanYoshimasa HASHIMOTOWinter Tire, Studded Tire, Studless Tire, Icy Road Surface, Performance on Ice, Adhesive Friction, Edge Effect, Water Film Removal Effect
2021(Vol.94) 8
p.265 - 270
Technologies of Materials Development and Compound Development for Winter TireDaisuke NOHARAStudless Tire, Winter Tire, Ice, Materials Development, Compound Development, Friction
2021(Vol.94) 8
p.271 - 275
Technology of Shape Design for Winter TyresSatoshi HIRAIStudless Tyre, Winter Tyre, Studded Tyre, Tread Pattern Design, Tread Shape Design, Tyre Traction on Ice and Snow, Friction Force
2021(Vol.94) 8
p.276 - 281
Prediction Technologies for Winter Tire DevelopmentHiroyuki MINAKIFinite Element Method (FEM), Finite Volume Method (FVM), Discrete Element Method (DEM), Peridynamics, Moving Particle Simulation (MPS), Phase Change
2021(Vol.94) 8
p.282 - 286
Indoor Evaluation Technology for Winter TiresKoji MATSUYAMAWinter Tire, Indoor Drum Test, Friction Coefficient, Ice Road Temperature, Tire Tread Pattern Block
2021(Vol.94) 9
p.287 - 292
Optimized Laboratory Test Condition to Predict Tire Tread WearHiroshi MOURILaboratory Tread Wear, Slip Ratio, Wear Debris, Worn Surface
2021(Vol.94) 9
p.293 - 298
Molecular Aggregation Structure of Notched Nylon 12 Film during Uniaxial ElongationNobuhisa TAKAYAMA
Akihiko TAKADA
Nylon 12, Notch, Uniaxial Elongation, Ductile Behavior, Wide-angle X-ray Diffraction, Retardation
2021(Vol.94) 9
p.299 - 303
Chemicals that Affect EcosystemsMasanori SEKIEcotoxicity, Chemical, Pesticide, Ecosystem, TMAH, Carbendazim
2021(Vol.94) 9
p.304 - 310
Concept of Deterioration and Life of Pressure-sensitive AdhesivesYoshihisa KANOPressure-sensitive Adhesives, Mechanism of Adhesion, Deterioration
2021(Vol.94) 9
p.311 - 318
Synthesis of Cyclic Polymer : Polymer Topology-Transformation Utilizing Rotaxane’s Structural CharacteristicsToshikazu TAKATACyclic Polymer, Rotaxane Switch, Polymer Topology, Topology Transformation, Linear-Cyclic Topology
2021(Vol.94) 9
p.319 - 324
Technology of Rubber Molding (Part2)
―Rubber Behavior in the Processing Process―
Koichi YAMAGUCHIRubber Molding Mold, Pressure Loss, Shear Rate, Unvulcanized Rubber Compound, Processing Process, Shear Forces, Flowability, Visualization Methods, Compounding Design, Rubber Mold Design.
2021(Vol.94) 9
p.325 - 334
Analysis of Structure of Filled Rubber Vulcanizates by Cooperation of a Synchrotron Radiation Experiment and a Large-scale Simulation
1. Analysis of Structure of Fillers in Rubber by Ultra-small Angle X-ray Scattering of Synchrotron Radiation
Tetsuo TOMINAGAPolymer Materials, End-modified Styrene Butadiene Rubber, Synchrotron Radiation, Spring-8, Ultra-small Angle X-ray Scattering, Reverse Monte Carlo Method
2021(Vol.94) 10
p.336 - 340
Foaming of Crosslinking PolymersMasahiro OHSHIMACrosslinking Polymer, Physical Foaming, Chemical Foaming, Bubble Nucleation
2021(Vol.94) 10
p.341 - 345
Foaming of Polymers using Supercritical FluidsHiromu SAITOFoaming, Supercritical Fluid, Carbon Dioxide, Rubber, Plastics, Porous Structure
2021(Vol.94) 10
p.346 - 349
Foaming Technology for Weather StripMasakazu KUROSAWAWeather Strip, Foamed EPDM, Foamed TPE, Extrusion Foam Molding
2021(Vol.94) 10
p.350 - 353
Rubber Materials with Thermo-expandable MicrocapsuleShigetsugu AKETAExpandable Microcapsule, Expandable Microsphere, Foaming Agent for Rubber, Blowing Agent, Fine Closed Cell, Surface Texture of Rubber
2021(Vol.94) 11
p.355 - 358
Effective Biological Utilization of Synthetic Rubber Residue produced by Rubber-Decomposing Bacteria Part 2
—Effect on Bifidobacteria and Extraction of Effective Fractions.
Hirokazu OIKI
Rubber Waste, Rubber-decomposing Bacteria, Enterobacter, Bifidobacterium, Lactoccus, Conjugated Bile-salt Hydrolase
2021(Vol.94) 11
p.359 - 364
Deterioration of Tensile Properties of EPDM by Sodium Chlorite Solution and Chlorine Dioxide SolutionHitoshi IWABUKI
Degradation, Sodium Chlorite, Chlorine Dioxide, EPDM, Tensile Strength
2021(Vol.94) 11
p.365 - 371
Recent Low-field Time-domain NMR Spectroscopy and its Application on Analysis of Rubber Structural ChangeYuichi AoyagiStress Relaxation, Aging, Seals, NMR, Inverse Laplace Transformation, EPDM
2021(Vol.94) 11
p.372 - 378
Technology of Rubber Molding (Part3)
Rubber Mold Design and Fabrication
Koichi YAMAGUCHICavity, Air-Vent, Cut-off Groove, Rubber Mold Design, Fabrication, Number of Cavity, Parting Line, Vacuum Forming
2021(Vol.94) 11
p.379 - 385
Analysis of Structure of Filled Rubber Vulcanizates by Cooperation of a Synchrotron Radiation Experiment and a Large-scale Simulation
2. Large Scale Coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Filled Rubber
Tetsuo TOMINAGACoase-grained Molecular Dynamics Simulation, Polymer materials, End-modified Styrene Butadiene Rubber, SPring-8, Ultra-small Angle X-ray Scattering, Reverse Monte Carlo Method