English Abstract
Polymer Modification Technology by the Reactive Mixing Using Banbury Mixer

Hiroyuki SHIRAI
Hirofumi HAYASHI
Toyo Tire & Rubber, Co., Ltd., Ibaraki, Osaka, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2009),82(8),339-343 Original Paper in Japanese

The polymer modification by the reactive mixing using Banbury mixer was examined under various conditions. It became clear that it was necessary to add ZnO and sulfur for the reaction of Si75: [bis(3-triethoxysilylpropyl) disulfide; TESPD] with the polymer without affecting the processability. The modified polymer thus obtained showed small signal at 3.8 ppm which is attributable to TESPD moiety in 1H-NMR analysis. The improvement of Payne effect and decrease of tan were observed by using the modified polymer. This technology is expected to be effective to reduce the rolling resistance of tire.

(Received on October 17, 2008)
(Accepted on April 28, 2009)

Polymer Modification, Reactive Mixing, Silica, Banbury Mixer, Payne Effect