English Abstract
Recent Trends for Mold Staining and Washing of Stained Mold

Kansai Rubber Technical Training Course, Higashiosaka, Osaka, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2009),82(7),308-315 General Review in Japanese

Rubber molds are widely used in the rubber industries, and the mold staining has been an important subject for a long time. This review describes the identification of the causes of mold staining, improvement of mold staining, mold releasing agent, and the washing methods of stained mold. Especially, improvements of anti-staining has been introduced by means of techniques related to rubber, various compounding ingredients, such as new material in place of zinc oxide, mold materials and the surface treatment of mold, such as coating of ceramics, nano-composite, fluoro resin and modification by ion. It has been confirmed that the suitable surface of stainless mold is obtained with increased flatness and larger contact angle of water. Various washing methods are introduced.

Mold Staining, Surface Treatment, Contact Angle, Mold Releasing Agent, Stainless Mold