English Abstract
Improvement of Durability for Acrylic Rubbers

Materials Development Department, Unimatec Co., Ltd., Isohara-machi, Kitaibaraki, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2009),82(6),258-263 General Review in Japanese

Industrial production of acrylic rubber (ACM) started over a half-century ago. ACM has mainly been applied to Orings and oil-seals for automobiles. To correspond to the requirements of increasing guarantee period for automotive parts, much efforts have been made to improve the durability of sealing parts. Some heat resistant ACMs were developed by introducing new monomers into main chain structure. However, these challenges were not successful because of the insufficient processability. Another method to improve the heat resistance was the development of novel crosslinking systems. In this paper is mainly explain the developed crosslinking systems for ACM in terms of the heat resistance.

Durability, Acrylic Rubber, Heat Resistance, Compression Set, Chlorine-triazine, Carboxy-polyamine