English Abstract
High Impact Polymer Alloy
Atsushi KATO 1
Shigeki HIKASA 2
Hitoshi IWABUKI 2
Kazuya NAGATA 3
Atsushi ASANO 4
1 ; NISSAN ARC, LTD., Yokosuka, Japan
2 ; Industrial Technology Center of Okayama Prefecture, Haga, Okayama, Japan
3 ; Asahikasei Chemicals Corporation, Yakoh, Kawasaki, Japan
4 ; National Defense Academy, Department of Applied Chemistry, Hashirimizu,Yokosuka, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2009),82(4),167-174 General Review in Japanese

We have already represented that high impact mechanism of polyketone/polyamide alloy (PK/PA) is enhanced by the moisture absorption. It was thought the high impact mechanism depends on ductility caused by the moisture absorption of the alloy. This time we have investigated the nano-meter level phase separation structure of PK/PA alloys by using a TEM, an EELS and a 3D-TEM observation. It is found that the PK rich phase and the PA rich one form their co-continuous structure.
Surprisingly, the three-dimensional lamella network structure is extended in the PK rich phase. Next, we have carried out SAXS measurements to evaluate lamella network structure. Moreover, the interaction and the mobility of PK and PA molecular chain of the wet and dry polymer alloy have been investigated by using solid-state high resolution NMR techniques. It was found that the moisture absorption enhances the molecular mobility of PA, and flexibility is given to the polymer alloy. The above-mentioned results revealed that the co-continuous structure and the higher-order structure are closely related to the impact properties.

Polyketone/Polyamide Alloy, Impact Property, Lamella Network, Co-continuous Structure, Moisture Absorption