English Abstract
Reinforcement and Anti-Oxidation Effects of Natural Rubber by Fullerol in Wet-Process Method
Hiroaki KONDO
Yoshito OHTAKE
Chemical Evaluation and Reserch Institute, Japan, Kitakatusika-gun, Saitama, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2009),82(3),98-104 Original Paper in Japanese

The composite of natural rubber mechanically mixed with fullerol using the open roll mill contained large agglomerate of fullerol in the fracture surface of tensile test piece, and no effect in reinforcement was observed. On the other hand, the composite prepared by wet-process method in which fullerol solution mixed with the NR latex contained well dispersed fullerol, and showed increased modulus and tensile properties at break compared with fullerol free. Fullerol dispersed in polymer inhibited decrease of tensile
strength after aging and production of carbonyl group by oxidative degradation.

(Received on April 4, 2008)
(Accepted on December 3, 2008)

Natural Rubber, Antioxidant, Degradation, Fullerene, Fullerol, Latex, Reinforcement, Dispersion