English Abstract
Latex Allergy

Shinichi NAKADE
G&A Corporation, Toyoake City, Aichi, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2009),82(10),430-435 General Review in Japanese

General knowledge of latex allergy (LA) such as history, mechanism of allergy and immunity, medical treatments and regulation of safety was described.
Among them two topics of latex allergy were introduced based on the recent results obtained in Japan.
One is related to the reason that tree of natural rubber (NR) produces allergenic proteins. It was shown that the specific ordering unit of amino acids included in stress induced proteins (PR proteins) also exist in the proteins of NR latex.
Other is safety map of NR products against to LA which was made based on clinical research in Japan.
Finally, it was suggested that occurrence of new patients will be continued at low level because it is too difficult to remove high allergen products from market and LA cross to food allergy.
And it was concluded that it was important to continue and increase the development of knowledge of LA and that it was also important to ready the alert card that serious patient could usually kept it.

Latex Allergy, PR Proteins, Safety Map