English Abstract
Sophisticated Kneader
Hiroyuki FUKUDA
Makoto IRIE
Moriyama Company Ltd., Ohara, Sanda, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2008),81(12),503-508 General Review in Japanese

With the developments of enhanced performance/high quality of rubber products, the market begins the big shift to sophisticated kneader more than ever. It is essential that sophisticated kneader must have two functions, one is gdispersion function to fine, disperse precisely-mixed filler uniformlyh, and the other is gheat removal property against shear heath.

The shaft diameter of our WD type kneader is bigger than that of our conventional D type one, meanwhile the mixing chamber sizes are same.
You will find that rubber compound is revolving together in annulus section (between the rotor shaft and round part of mixing chamber ).
The revolving movement of rubber compound in this annulus section will have a great impact on gheat removal propertyh and gdispersion functionh.

Kneader, Low Shear Region, Annulus, Heat Removal, Dispersion, Mooney Viscosity, Volume Resistivity