English Abstract
Degradation Detection of Vulcanized Rubbers and Plastics Using Initial Oxidation Temperature
Kazumi NAKAYAMA*1,2
Tomoko WATANABE*1,2
Yoshito OHTAKE*1,
Mutsuhisa FURUKAWA*2
*1Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute, Japan, Kitakatusika-Gun, Saitama, Japan
*2Graduate School of Science and Technology, Nagasaki University, Nagasaki, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2008),81(11),467-472 Original Paper in Japanese

Initial oxidation temperature (IOT) is the starting temperature of oxidative exothermal reaction that is observed when the sample is heated at a certain rate under air atmosphere using DSC. It is reported that the IOT figures in a few kinds of rubbers, polyethylene, polypropylene and polyamide66 shift to lower temperatures due to heat degradation. The changes of IOT figures were in line with the changes of residual rate for tensile product measured by tensile test. Here, we report a new method to quantify the degree of degradation of vulcanized rubbers, polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyamide66 by IOT measurement using DSC. The polymers which are applied to this degradation evaluation method included polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide66, NR, CR, NBR.

(Received on June 13, 2008)
(Accepted on September 21, 2008)

Degradation, Degradation Detection, Vulcanized Rubber, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC), Initial Oxidation Temperature (IOT)