English Abstract
Studies on Fluorescence of Ionic Polyurethane Elastomers Containing
Low Molecular Weight Organic Dyes

Takatoshi NAKATANI1
Yoshinori TOMINAGA2
1; Graduate School of Science and Technology
2; Faculty of Environmental Studies, Nagasaki University, Nagasaki, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2008),81(6),197-203 Original Paper in Japanese

Thermosetting ionic polyurethane elastomers (IPUEs) containing sodium sulfonate groups and low molecular weight organic dyes such as 6-aryl-2H-pyrone derivatives (Py series) were prepared and their photoluminescent (PL) properties, ionic conductivities and Tg were investigated. PL properties of dyes in the IPUEs were found to be similar to those in dichloromethane, and some Py dyes showing stronger emission in the IPUEs commonly had N,N-dimethyl-amino groups at the 4-position of the aryl rings.
For the IPUEs, variance of the ionic group contents did not affect PL properties, but effects of the dye contents on Tg, conductivities and aging behaviors of PL properties were different depending on the dyes used. Since no aging were observed for the dyes in the solid state, the aging of the IPUEs was considered to be due to photodegradation of the IPUE matrices.
The aging rates of the IPUEs containing a Py dye showing stronger emission were higher than those of others. In addition, Tg elevation and the decrease of conductivity was observed by increase of the Py dye content. These results suggested that the Py dye might have considerably strong interaction with the IPUE matrix.

(Received on January 15, 2008)
(Accepted on April 12, 2008)

Ionic Polyurethene Elastomer, Sodium Sulfonate Group, Low Molecular Weight Organic Dye, Photoluminescence, Ionic Conductivity, 6-Aryl-2H-pyrone Derivatives, Photodegradation