English Abstract
Heat Expansion Fireproof Rubber
Kiyotaka SAITO
Syuuichi WADA
CRK Co., Ltd., Takasaki, Gunma , Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2008),81(5),188-193 General Review in Japanese

As for fireproof rubbers in Japan, a fireproof putty has been used for 30 years as a fire spreading revention material in the district crack penetration part of the communication cable and the electric cable.
Recently heat expansion fireproof sponge has been used because of its recyclability and workability. On the other hand, various heat expansion fireproof rubbers have been developed as materials that take the place of asbestos. They are beginning to be used for wide fields like iron frame covered materials, fireproof packings and fire wall joint materials. Most of these rubbers do not contain halogen compounds, so they are environment- friendly materials that do not generate harmful flue gases (hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen chloride, etc) in case of fire.

Fireproof Rubber