English Abstract
Performance of Lead-free Rubber to Metal Bonding Agents Applied by Electrostatic Spraying
Bernhard KRTSCH
Rohm and Haas Deutschland GmbH In der Kron 4-60489 Frankfurt / Main, Germany
Guillaume CARRE
Rohm and Haas S.A., Semoy Plant in France Le Pressoir Vert 45400 Semoy, France
Rohm and Haas Japan KK Sanbancho UF BLDG., Chiyodaku, Tokyo, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2008),81(5),176-180 General Review in Japanese

The industrial manufacturing of rubber to metal parts for automotive applications is characterized by continuously increasing demands on process cost reductions. In parallel the actual regulations for the emission of VOCs require ongoing efforts to minimize the environmental impact.
The electrostatically spraying of new specially designed rubber to metal bonding agents allows cost effectiveness by avoiding overspray resulting in high transfer efficiency. The accuracy and evenness of those primer and cover coatings are much higher, compared to conventional air spraying, which allow narrowing the manufacturing specifications resulting in improved manufacturing capabilities.@Along with process details a comparison of typical performance parameters for rubber to metal bonding agent applied by electrostatical application will be therefore in the center of the contribution to give the actual status on this still ongoing development.

Rubber to Metal Bonding, Automotive Parts, Automotive Application, Electrostatic Spray-able Bonding Agent, VOC Reduction, Transfer Efficiency