English Abstract
Liquid Crystalline Polymer
Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd., Japan, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2008),81(3),86-92 General Review in Japanese

Liquid crystalline polyester (hereafter designated as LCP) represents peculiar physical properties and provides excellent injection moldability for accurate electro and electronic parts, such as connector, relay, bobbin, etc., due to its intrinsic liquid crystallinity.
Recently the market of commercial LCP has been rapidly growing and has shown almost 15 % growth of the shipment volume by making good use of the excellent performance. In the future the market is expected to expand more and more rapidly because miniaturization and thin wall moldability of electronic parts still more proceed in the front electro and electric parts fields.
In this review we will proceed from generalities into particulars on liquid crystalline polyesters. The latest situation of research and development of commercial LCP will be reported through not only molecular design and physical properties of our typical LCP product but also introduction of our newly developed isotropic fabrication method such as solvent-casting, micro powder compression, and nano-scale fiber non-woven cloth.

Liquid Crystalline Polymer, Injection Moldability, Isotropic Fabrication, Solvent-casting Film, Micro Powder Compression, Nano-scale Fiber Non-woven Cloth