English Abstract
General Purpose Rubber Hoses
Togawa Rubber Corporation, R&D Division, Sakai, Osaka, JAPAN
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2007),80(12),448-451 General Review in Japanese

Rubber hose are used in many places, such as electric appliances, house equipments, vehicles and ships, agriculture, forestry, fisheries industries, food industries, mining and manufacturing, engineering works and construction industries, etc., and indispensable as the functional components for transportation of fluids (gas, liquid, powder and the lump, etc.).
The demand for rubber hoses is increasing recently along with the recovery of business after a sluggish time. On the other hand, development of environmentally-friendly new products and improvement of the products are being continued reflecting a recent rise of the global environment protection movement and the demand for improvement of safety, reliability, and durability from the customers. General-purpose hose is included in eothersf category among three categories (rubber hose for the high pressure, those for cars, those for others) classified by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for statistics.

General-purpose rubber hose, Global environment protection, Improvement, Safety, Reliability, Durability